What to get your Mechanic as a Gift

What to get your Mechanic as a Gift

Friday, November 30th, 2012

If you have a few cars in the family, you are probably going to be visiting a repair shop a few times during the year.  If a mechanic cut you a break this past year or helped you out in an urgent situation, buying them a thoughtful gift is an east way to show your thanks.  If you get him a little something, it will really help you in future trips to the shop.

  1. Beer – Or wine, or a bottle of liquor.  See if you can figure out what they like.  We haven’t met many mechanics who don’t like beer.
  2. Wawa gift card – It’s pretty much as good as cash.
  3. A good review – Find their Google Places or Yelp page and write them a good review.  A lot of shops check these.
  4. Get them a referral – This is probably the best gift you can give.  Recommend them to a friend and they will be very grateful.
  5. A plate of cookies – If you’re the type that would give this as a gift, this gives to the whole shop.
  6. Restaurant gift card – Like all humans, mechanics like to eat.
  7. Phillies, Flyers, Sixers or Eagles tickets – Awesome way to say you care.
  8. A pound of coffee – Coffee is even more popular than beer at most shops.
  9. Subscription to Popular Mechanic – Keep your mechanic informed on the latest automotive news.
  10. A new radio or an XM subscription – Every mechanic needs to recreate the dance number to “Grease Lightning” in the garage.

There you have it, 10 gifts to get your mechanic. New tools for work are always a thoughtful gift too, so if your mechanic mentions a broken piece of equipment, then you’ll know exactly what to buy.